Disney Magic Cruise

Watching Disney integrate their big ticket purchases into old standbys has been fun. They’ve been doing it with Pixar for years, they’ll soon be doing it with Lucasfilm and, currently, Marvel is getting slotted into all the familiar spots. They’ve begun to show up in theme park gift shops, are soon getting their own land, and now, have invaded Disney Cruise Lines. After the jump, check out what Marvel’s Avengers Academy looks like on the Disney Magic cruise ship. Read More »


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Marvel City 1

Are you scratching your head looking for an exotic, geek-oriented destination vacation? Dubai could be a strong option in the next few years. A series of images have gone online for a planned Marvel themed attraction called Marvel City, and it looks like comic book heaven. Every inch is infused with exciting views and cool rides.

The structure, designed by Falcon’s Warehouse, is expected to open in 2014, though construction isn’t quite moving at a fast space. Check out a huge gallery of images below. Read More »

Joel Phillips - Scorsese - header

Put Martin Scorsese up against any filmmaker and the native New Yorker has a fighting shot. Hawkes? Ford? Kubrick? Hitchcock? Spielberg? All legends, but Scorsese is undeniably in the same league. And this weekend marks one of the first full gallery shows specifically dedicated to his films.

Spoke Art has taken over New York’s Bold Hype Gallery for Scorsese: An Art Show Tribute, featuring work based on films such as Goodfellas, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, The Departed, Gangs of New York, Casino and many more. Artists such as Scott Campbell, Joshua Budich, Dave Perillo, Fernando Reza, Jayson Weidel, Jessica Deahl, Jon Smith, New Flesh, Paul Shipper, Rhys Cooper, Rich Pellegrino and Sam Smith have all contributed to the show, which is open Friday April 19 through Sunday April 21.

Check out a small sampling of the work below. Read More »

Oscar Museum 1

After Thursday’s news that the legendary Hollywood landmark, TCL (formerly Grauman’s) Chinese Theater was getting an IMAX upgrade, another Los Angeles movie destination has been revealed. A few years back the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced plans to create a movie-themed museum. Now, we know what it will look like, and what’ll be in it.

Called The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, the venue located on Fairfax and Wilshire will be a six-story, 290,000 square-foot museum attached to a massive 1,000 seat dome for movie events. There will a full red-carpet experience, an interactive moviemaking exhibit, and floors dedicated to the history of cinema. The plan is to have it open in 2017. Read more below. Read More »

Briefly: The most famous movie theater in the world is changing its name. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, located on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, CA has been host to major movie premieres since the late 1920s. It used to be the venue of the Academy Awards and to this day it’s still a major tourist attraction because of its recognizable facade and courtyard filled with the hand and footprints of the biggest movie stars in the world.

Friday, TCL, a Chinese TV company, announced they had paid $5 million to have their name placed on the theater. It’s now called the TCL Chinese Theater. The money will be used to upgrade the sound and projection at the theater.

This is the second name change for the theater, which was bought by Ted Mann in 1973, after which it was renamed Mann’s Chinese Theatre. That name stuck until Mann’s bankruptcy led to the sale and upgrade of the theater, and restoration of Grauman’s name in 2002. Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

It’s a sad fact for geeks that there’s still no way to actually become a hobbit or a wizard. But thanks to two new spots, we can at least pretend for a little while.

The King’s Cross station in London has opened a new souvenir shop at Platform 9 3/4, which Harry Potter fans know is where Hogwarts students catch the train to school. Meanwhile, Hobbiton in New Zealand has transformed the Green Dragon Inn set into a working pub. Read more and check out some photos and video after the jump.

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Is the government building a Death Star? Probably not, but according to one petition at least 25,000 Americans think they should. Also after the jump:

  • Samuel L. Jackson really wants to come back as Mace Windu
  • Is Peter Jackson interested in directing a Star Wars movie?
  • George Lucas is excited to see a Star Wars movie he didn’t make
  • Read about the female fighter pilots who were cut from Return of the Jedi
  • Check out cool retro-styled prints for Episodes III and VI
  • Watch a video tour of the Rancho Obi-Wan memorabilia museum

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If ever a country has fully embraced a film series, it’s New Zealand and The Lord of the Rings. Since the release of The Fellowship of the Ring over ten years ago, the country has used the Peter Jackson-directed films as both a point of national pride and major selling point for tourism. Our own David Chen even took in some of the Tolkien-inspired sights on a trip to the country a few years back.

With a whole new trilogy of films on the way (the first of which – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – opens next month) New Zealand has already began a full-on Hobbit overhaul. It starts on your plane ride into the country, as Peter Jackson and several recognizable characters cameo in the pre-flight safety video for Air New Zealand. Or Air Middle Earth, as it’s referred to in the video. Check it out below. Read More »

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