Note: This article contains major spoilers for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Whether or not you enjoyed Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man, it’s impossible to deny the film has some holes. Jokes seen in numerous TV spots and trailers are not in the final film. Full scenes that were teased hit the cutting room floor and the original marketing line “The Untold Story” disappeared. Remember the promise “Spider-Man’s Greatest Secrets Will Be Revealed”?

Apparently the secret was there were no secrets because Peter Parker gets bit by a spider, his Uncle dies and he becomes Spider-Man, Just like in the comics, just like in Sam Raimi’s movie, just like it has always been. But that’s not what the movie story always was.

A few intrepid online reports have broken down this omission and many more. They discovered that a major storyline involving Peter Parker’s parents was likely axed at the last minute. Plus, what the heck was up with that end credits scene? Check out all that and much more, after the jump. Read More »


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Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Easter Eggs Revealed

We love discovering the hidden easter eggs that Pixar hides within their movies. We’ve been collecting the easter eggs for some time now, having extensive write-ups of all the hidden secrets in Ratatouille, WALL-EUpToy Story 3, Cars 2, and even the short film Day & Night. When it was announced that Pixar would be released a film set in the highlands of 10th century Scotland, many fans wondered how they’d be able to sneak in some of the contemporary staples like the Pizza Planet truck or a character from their next film (in this case, Monsters University). But early on, director Mark Andrews assured us that all the fun easter eggs would be included one way or another. Where is the Pizza Planet Truck? Find out for yourself, after the jump.

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Quentin Tarantino has been pretty vocal that many of his films are set in the same universe. Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction is the documented brother of Vic Vega in Reservoir Dogs. Mr. White in Reservoir Dogs possibly worked with Alabama from True Romance. Brands such as Big Kahuna Burger and Red Apple Cigarettes appear in multiple films, the list goes on an on. A more recent development was when Tarantino said that Sgt. Donny Donowitz, the Bear Jew of Inglourious Basterds, was the father of Lee Donowitz, the sleazy movie producer of True Romance.

And that got one person thinking. If all these movies take place in the same universe, that means World War II ended how it ended in Inglourious Basterds and everyone would know about it. Which opens up a huge can of worms. Read the very entertaining theory below. Read More »

With an all-time record breaking opening weekend gross of $207.1 million, odds are many of you saw The Avengers over the weekend. Joss Whedon‘s Marvel superhero mashup is one of the most fun summer movies in recent memory and delivers on the nearly impossible promise set up by Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger before it. Now that’s it out there, though, it’s time to look forward. Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2 are all on the way and one huge surprise in The Avengers will likely have some kind of effect on them all.

Whedon sneaks two special credits sequences into The Avengers. One was just recently added but the other, more surprising and possibly confusing one, has been in the works for years. It sets the tone in the Marvel Universe for years to come.

At the press junket for The Avengers, I asked both Whedon and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about this incredibly important scene and deleted the quotes from my initial interviews so you could all see the movie first. Now, after the jump, you can read whose idea this pivotal scene was and how it came about. Be aware, if you haven’t seen The Avengers yet, this is a massive spoiler. Read More »

Movie fans have been waiting for this weekend since May 2, 2008. That’s the day Jon Favreau’s Iron Man was released and, after the credits, Samuel L. Jackson showed up as Nick Fury, asking Tony Stark about The Avengers. Four movies of set up and introduction later, The Avengers is finally out on Friday. It’s the culmination of four year’s worth of intricate layering by all the people who made the Iron Man films, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger.

Just how intricate are we talking? We won’t get into major spoilers for The Avengers just yet but it’s not a spoiler that the Cosmic Cube, referred to as the Tesseract, is the centerpiece of the movie. While most of us believe it first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger as the object of the Red Skull’s desires, it actually first appeared in Iron Man 2 as Tony Stark flipped through his father’s journal. His father, of course, was a major character in Captain America, which took place before Iron Man 2 even though Iron Man 2 was released first. Make sense? It will when you click below. Read More »

Pixar’s Brave is set in what appears to be some part of Scotland, many years ago. Well before the existence of pickup trucks, at least. So while we knew that actor John Ratzenberger was cast — he being a member of every Pixar voice cast to date — there was reason to wonder whether or not the practice of animating easter eggs from previous Pixar films had continued.

We’ve rundown these references in the past for other films, but those familiar with every detail of Pixar’s output have probably already wondered how, for example, the Toy Story Pizza Planet truck will end up in the film. A pizza cart, maybe? (Let’s not talk about what the Scottish equivalent of pizza might be, a hundred or more years ago. That scares me.)

Ratzenberger isn’t the only continuing tradition in the film, however. Director Mark Andrews says that all the small touches Pixar fans have come to expect from the company’s films will be in Brave, too. Read More »

Chances are you saw the new trailer for Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises and didn’t catch Robin the boy wonder or a reference back to the very beginning of the trilogy: Batman Begins. And you probably also saw Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in IMAX but somehow missed the hidden Pixar easter eggs that Ratatouille/The Incredibles director Brad Bird hid within the film. Aren’t you glad we’re here to point them out to you? Find the easer eggs, after the jump.

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The Collected Voice Cameos Of James Cameron

Alfred Hitchcock did it, so why not James Cameron? Hitchcock loved to cameo in his own films and, though many people don’t know it, Cameron does the same. Cameron, however, didn’t physically appear on Judgement Day or live on Pandora. Instead the Oscar-winning director of the two most successful films in history has made a voice cameo in every single movie he’s ever done.

The website FILMdetail has put together an great six-minute video highlighting this phenomenon and you’ll chuckle at some of the places Cameron’s voice pops up. Check it out after the jump. Read More »

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