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The horror anthology V/H/S did well enough that a sequel went into production pretty fast, and you can already see the red-band trailer for V/H/S/2 from Magnet. Now another Magnet-released anthology, The ABCs of Death, is also going to be followed by a sequel.

The hook for The ABCs of Death was that the film featured 25 directors (and a 26th crowd-sourced entry) making short films based around a single letter. The sequel will take the same approach, and as with the first film the hook isn’t the concept, but the people bringing it to life. The new crew includes animator Bill Plympton, Day of the Beast and The Last Circus director Álex de la Iglesia, and Room 237 director Rodney Ascher. More participants in the gruesome sequel are listed below. Read More »


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Who exactly is G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘s Cobra Commander? Find out after the jump. Also:

  • Expect the cast to return for Oz The Great and Powerful 2
  • Josh Duhamel will make a cameo in Transformers 4
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
  • Don’t hold your breath for a Simpsons Movie sequel
  • A Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance stuntman is suing Sony
  • V/H/S 2 gets a release date and some new images
  • See images and video from the Star Trek scoring studio
  • Just what is in that new Star Trek Into Darkness teaser?

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‘To the Wonder’ Trailer: What Is Love?

“Prolific” isn’t a word you would’ve associated with Terrence Malick for the first forty years of his career, which yielded just five films. But it’s coming to define the next stage of it. Since 2011′s Tree of Life he’s been on a roll, with some four films due out in the next few years.

The first of those will be To the Wonder, which hits next month. The dreamy romantic drama stars Ben Affleck as Neil, a man caught between two loves: the French Marina (Olga Kurylenko), who moves with him to Oklahoma, and the all-American Jane (Rachel McAdams), who was his childhood sweetheart. Javier Bardem also stars, a priest suffering a crisis of faith. Hit the jump to check out the latest trailer.

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Lars von Trier‘s new film, Nymphomaniac, isn’t being shown at the Berlinale this week, but a sizzle reel is being displayed to potential distributors, just as Trier did with Melancholia a couple years ago.

Magnolia, the same company that handled Trier’s last film in North America, is now the front-runner to acquire the new movie, which depicts the full sexual life of a woman played by Charlotte Gainsbourg. The film also features actors such as Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, and Stacy Martin, and has been assumed to be a Cannes debut despite the fact that the festival banned Trier a couple years ago.

Magnolia is reportedly ready to pony up $2m for the film, which seems like a lot for a picture that will have niche interest. But then remember that it is being crafted in hardcore and softcore versions, and we can guess that the company sees a good marketing angle. After the break, a new still from the film shows us what one of the movie’s sexual encounters is going to be. Read More »

‘John Dies at the End’ Anti-Piracy Trailer

Don Coscarelli‘s film John Dies at the End, which features humans and monsters drifting between dimensions thanks to a popular drug, has been earning fans at festivals for the past year, and it is finally available to be seen by everyone thanks to the miracle of VOD. Many films that are available digitally also end up being seen by a lot of people thanks to piracy, and the marketing folks working for John Dies at the End have put together a great little trailer that hopes to prevent that from happening this time.

Looks like some of the film’s fun, grisly moments ended up in this trailer, so be warned of that before going in, but with that disclaimer shared, have a look below. Read More »

I feel like we’re in between golden ages for martial arts films out of China. While a few good ones have hit in the past decade, the output of pre-changeover Hong Kong dwindled down to the point where there were only occasional memorable fight films. And now the world of martial arts moviemaking is stuck between the eras where practical and very well-practiced wire techniques have been augmented with CG. That CG is, all too often, not very good. Eventually there will be a point where the old fight style and the new CG really work together, and we might get a new golden age of martial arts films. But for now, we’re in between ages.

And so it goes with The Sorcerer and the White Snake, a film starring Jet Li as “an herbalist who falls in love with a thousand-year-old White Snake disguised as a woman.” There’s some great-looking stuff in this trailer, but most of the CG looks cheap and not at all a part of the same existence of the human characters. The film is over a year old — it played Venice in 2011 — but this trailer has been cut slightly for American audiences. Which is to say, there is what sounds like a period Chinese approximation of Inception horns. And even that doesn’t end up sounding very good.

Fans of Jet Li and director Ching Siu-Tung (House of Flying Daggers fight choreographer) will want to check it out regardless. Read More »

Whether you prefer your horror films to look like stop-motion animations, classic slasher flicks, sci-fi epics, or weird fantasies with cat-ladies slithering about, The ABCs of Death has got you covered. Like a cinematic version of Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies, each letter in the horror anthology’s alphabet corresponds to a different way to die, as represented by one of 26 different directors.

Magnet has just released a gory new trailer, which you can see after the jump. Be warned, though, that this one really lives up to its red-bandiness, so the video after the jump is certainly NSFW.

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Fred Cavaye‘s 2010 French action film Point Blank (not to be confused with the 1967 film starring Lee Marvin) features a male nurse forced to break a murderer out of prison to save his pregnant, kidnapped wife. If that sounds like a taut, interesting premise to you, maybe you should be a film producer. Not only is the idea being remade in Korea, now Mark Wahlberg‘s Leverage is teaming with Working Title to remake it in English too. Read more after the jump, including where to watch the original.  Read More »

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