Doctor Who is legendary as a long-running sci-fi series, and the show has all the convoluted continuity you’d expect from a show about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. That special day will be commemorated next week with a new special episode, called The Day of the Doctor. But it is preceded today by The Night of the Doctor, a six-minute short that sets up a very important part of the storyline.

Even if you don’t know Doctor Who this is a neat short. If you do know the show — I mean if you really know and follow the series, going back years — this will act as total continuity porn, because it ties up a long-running mystery embedded between incarnations of the series. Watch it below, and stick around for a thorough explanation of just what the hell is going on here. Read More »


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Sacha Baron Cohen in Hugo

Sacha Baron Cohen has outdone himself again. The comedic writer/actor is famous for freaking people out with his comedy, whether through one of his trademark characters, or by setting something up at an awards show. For his latest stunt, Cohen was accepting the “Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence In Comedy” at the BAFTA LA Jaguar Britannia Awards. One of the people who honored him was Grace Cullington, described as Chaplin’s “oldest surviving” co-star. She was one of the kids in City Lights.

From there, well, you really have to watch the video and see for yourself. Read More »


We’ve known that the first episode of the third season of Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, would deal with the fact that no one around Sherlock yet knows that he survived the end of season two. That’s enough to give us a general idea of what’s in store from at least some of the premiere when it airs on Sunday, January 19th on PBS, and a first teaser trailer has given us a good peek, too.

Now BBCOne has released a new image that has a bit of Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’ in it. Check out that pic below. Read More »

‘Sherlock’ Season Three Begins in January on PBS


Just what happened to Sherlock Holmes between the roof and the ground, and why is he being all shady about life after Moriarty? We’ll start to find out on January 19 when the BBC show Sherlock returns for its third season on PBS. The show will run back to back with Downton Abbey. While the US premiere date is being revealed before the UK date, Sherlock‘s home territory will likely see the show first.

Want all three episode titles, so that you can work on which original Sherlock Holmes stories might be the source for each? They’re after the break. Read More »

Eleven Doctors

If you think the 26th season of The Simpsons is a big deal as far as long-running TV goes (and, sure, it is) consider the fact that next month will see the 50th anniversary of the BBC series Doctor Who. Sure, the show hasn’t run for fifty continuous years, but it has been quite popular during most of the years it aired on television, and is now more popular than ever before.

That 50th anniversary will be celebrated with a special show, Day of the Doctor, which airs on November 23. Below, you can see a teaser for the episode, with the most recent Doctor, Matt Smith, providing a great voice-over intro to the episode as the images fly through decades of Who history, giving major (and some unfortunately minor) nods to all the eleven major incarnations of the character.   Read More »


Doctor Who fans can have a great weekend, thanks to the release of nine old episodes thought lost forever.

Most people probably know that huge chunks of film history have disappeared forever, but even more television has been lost. There wasn’t always the thought that TV should be preserved, and some shows were lost when tapes were reused in budget-saving measures.

Among the lost treasures are almost 100 episodes of the BBC series Doctor Who. Chunks of the show’s early seasons were taped over by the Beeb in the ’70s, or allowed to deteriorate in storage. Some episodes survived, and others have been pieced together from various sources: audio recorded by fans, 8mm footage of TV broadcasts, stage notes, and set photos. But there have been big parts of the Doctor’s history that no one has seen since the original broadcasts.

About a week ago the BBC started to confirm that some lost episodes had been found in Nigeria. (The best, if most unpredictable method for fully recovering lost episodes has been to trace tape or film transfers created to send the show to foreign territories.) Now we have confirmation that nine episodes are available for the first time in decades. Better yet, they can all be seen right now. Read More »

Doctor Who Seven

Briefly: It’s elementary, dear streaming TV watcher. The more high quality, in-demand on-demand content you have on your platform, the better your market share will be. Hulu Plus has just signed a deal that should help them considerably. Users can now stream new and old popular BBC series, including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Luther, Top Gear, Torchwood as well as Fawlty Towers, BlackadderLife in the… and others. Read More »

Idris Elba Luther

It amazes me that there are so many fans of great TV, and so many fans of Idris Elba, yet so few people have heard of or watched Luther. The BBC show, created by Neil Cross, follows a dangerously determined police detective who gets much too involved in his investigations. Eventually his already questionable morality reaches a breaking point when he’s forced to work with a woman he knows, but can’t prove, is a killer.

The first two seasons of the show are currently on Netflix and the third, which aired this summer, will be released on Blu-ray next month. Though it might sound like every other cop show out there, it’s much more character-driven and cinematic. It’s highly recommended.

For those who have seen the show, the fact that the third season is the end is obviously a disappointment. Elba and Cross feel your pain and are hoping to bring the show to the big screen. Cross has written a prequel script that he’s hoping to shoot next year. Read More »

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