Last weekend while Devindra and I were at the New York Comic-Con, we had the opportunity to speak with director Pete Docter (Monsters Inc.) and producer Jonas Rivera about Pixar’s new film, Up. Both have had a long and storied history at Pixar, and we were grateful to be able to speak with them about their inspirations for making the film, as well as their take on the direction that Pixar (and the industry) is headed. Hit the jump for the full video interview.

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McG stopped by the New York Comic Con panel to discuss some Terminator Salvation footage and field questions from fans. While he discussed some topics already covered at the San Diego Comic Con last year, there was also quite a bit of new info, in addition to a bit of hilarity due to Bale’s recent antics.

Before we saw the footage, McG spent a lot of time on the defensive trying to justify this movie’s existence. He mentioned chatting with James Cameron about this project, but stops short of saying that Cameron gave the film any sort of particular blessing. From the way he described, it seems more like Cameron basically wished him well as professional courtesy. Given that this project is so far along, I’m surprised McG still feels the need to defend it so much. Read More »

NYCC: The First 45 Minutes of Pixar’s Up

Last night at the New York Comic-Con, the IGN Theater was cleared for a special screening of the first 45 minutes of Pixar’s new film, Up. Only the first 300 people in line (plus a few dozen people approved by the studio) were allowed access to the footage. Director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera took to the stage beforehand to let us know that the footage we were about to see was slightly incomplete, with music still yet to be done, sound effects yet to be recorded, and some CGI still missing [For the record, they could have fooled me: The footage we saw looked great and didn’t have any placeholder storyboards or animatics. The music was also pretty good]. The two will be wrapping up production of the film in the next 6 weeks. Hit the jump for spoiler-free video reactions, followed by a detailed description of the first 45 minutes of Up.
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New York Comic Con: Surrogates Trailer

Shortly after the Up panel at the New York Comic Con today, we received a look at the trailer for Jonathon Mostow’s upcoming live action adaptation of The Surrogates starring Bruce Willis. The film tells the tale of a future where people can transplant their minds into robotic bodies with ease and experience the world without any consequences. That, of course, leaves the door open for all sorts of risky behavior. Willis plays an FBI agent tracking down a criminal who is bent on forcing humanity to live their own experiences again, instead of relying on these robotic surrogates. Read More »

For a while, Brian Bendis‘ comic book series Powers was looking to be a big-screen adaptation. Back in 2001, Sony had several drafts drawn up and Frank Oz was, if I remember correctly, attached to direct. Bendis wasn’t too pleased with how the project was going, however.

He tells MTV’s Splash Page, “We had to sit through waves of screenplays that were just inappropriate for the product, and for fans of the book. There were whole drafts of the screenplay without Deena Pilgrim in them. They’d hand me the screenplay and go, “What’s wrong with this?” and I’d go “He has no one to talk to!””

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When Devindra and I sat down at the Warner Brothers panel this morning, I don’t think either of us were expecting too much. While artist Dave Gibbons (who seems like an extremely nice and talented individual) was here to answer questions, Zack Snyder was not going to be making an appearance, nor would any cast. I was thinking, at best, that they’d show us a slightly longer version of the footage and trailers we’ve all already seen. That’s when Gibbons dropped a bomb on us:

We were about to see the first 18 minutes of Watchmen.

Hit the jump for a detailed description of the segment we were shown, plus an extra bonus scene from later on in the film that Gibbons claimed we were the first ever in the world to see. Note that the following could be considered SPOILERS.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

/Film is on the scene at the 2009 New York Comic-Con! Although the NYCC (held at the Javits Center) is not nearly as overpopulated and out of control as its San Diego counterpart, there will still be some neat footage and panels this weekend that me and Devindra Hardawar will be covering for the site over the next 48 hours.

This evening, we had the privilege of seeing a screening of the new Futurama direct-to-DVD film, Into the Wild Green Yonder. Amidst thousands of enthusiastic Futurama fans, the two of us along with Alex Billington from Firstshowing watched the fourth (and potentially final) Futurama movie unfold. It’s no secret that Devindra and I haven’t been terribly pleased with the quality of the most recent direct-to-DVD films. Did the movie live up to the best of the series? Hit the jump to hear our thoughts.
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Donnie Darko Sequel Goes Direct To DVD

Do you remember S. Darko, the Donnie Darko spin-off film we wrote about a while back? You know, the one which follows Donnie’s sister and features no involvement from the original director Richard Kelly? Yeah, that one. The good news is that the film will not play theatrically and will instead go direct-to-dvd on April 28th from MGM’s home entertainment. Film School Rejects reports that the trailer for the film will be screened at the New York Comic Con this weekend (where I assume, and hope, fans will express their outrage by “booing” loudly). When the trailer is released online, we will attempt to do the same in text form (if possible).
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Wanted New York Comic Con Exclusive Poster


Universal released a New York Comic Con Exclusive Wanted Poster. Click on the image below to see it enlarged.

Wanted Movie Poster

Wanted hits theaters on June 27th 2008.