Netflix Original Programming Growth

Back in the spring, you might remember that we called attention to the fact that Netflix‘s library of movies and television shows had shrunk significantly in the past two years. In fact, statistics pointed out that the streaming services entire catalog had decreased by 31.7% during that time. The reason for this, in addition to increased competition from the likes of Hulu, Amazon and other content-streaming services, was Netflix’s push to keep their library of original programming growing. Now we have word that it’s only going to get worse.

In a conference call with investors at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference, Netflix’s CFO David Wells said they’re in the middle of a “multiyear transition and evolution toward more of our own content,” and their ultimate goal is to have 50% of their library comprised of original programming. Find out more about the Netflix original programming growth after the jump. Read More »

Colorado Movie Theater Shooting Lawsuit

UPDATE: The Denver Post is reporting that Cinemark has agreed to drop the request for the victims of Aurora theater shooting to pay for their $700,000 legal fees. The theater chain’s lawyers have issued a statement saying that the company’s goal “has always been to resolve this matter fully and completely without an award of costs of any kind to any party.” Although the details have not been disclosed, it appears that Cinemark has waived their demand for payment in return for the victims officially dropping their suit and not pursuing an appeal.

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AMC reserved seating

You’ve been here before – dinner ran long or the babysitter was late or you made the mistake of binging just one more episode of something on Netflix and suddenly you’re late for your movie. You arrive at the theater with minutes to spare…only to find that tickets are sold out. And if they’re not sold out, the only empty seats in the theater are to the far left in the front row, a location that is not ideal, to say the least. You know, total nightmare scenario.

But this particular predicament may soon become a thing of the past, as AMC Theaters has announced that all of the chain’s New York City locations will soon adopt a reserved seating model where ticket buyers can select the seat of their choice when they buy tickets online.

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Blair Witch Producer Talks Sequels

This past summer was pretty disappointing in the sequel and remake department, even if the box office numbers weren’t as underwhelming as they may have seemed. This summer’s blockbusters just felt mostly underwhelming, but thankfully there are plenty of smaller independent films that are worth seeking out. However, just because this summer churned out some regrettable sequels and remakes, don’t expect Hollywood to slow down on churning them out.

Next month brings the sequel Blair Witch to theaters, and while it’s a recognizable title, the filmmakers behind it come from the indie world. In fact, the experience of working on a film like this has only solidified why sequels and remakes will continue to be made instead of focusing more on original titles. Producer Keith Calder recently took to Twitter to explain how the kind of attention paid to a movie like Blair Witch compares to his work on movies like The Guest and You’re Next. Read More »

Friday the 13th TV series

Earlier this month, we learned that The Crazies director Breck Eisner may be lined up to direct the next iteration of the Friday the 13th franchise, which has been in the works for years now. However, the future of the slasher film series may be uncertain with the rights to Friday the 13th now at the center of a new legal battle.

Friday the 13th screenwriter Victor Miller has filed a notice of termination for the rights to the horror franchise that would see current rights holder Horror Inc. and collaborator the Manny Company forced to revert them them back to Miller. How is this even possible? Find out more about the Friday the 13th rights lawsuit after the jump. Read More »

Sausage Party animators controversy

In a summer marked by one cinematic disappointment after another, Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon‘s Sausage Party has emerged as a rare success story: a truly original feature that got great reviews and great box office. Even more impressively, Sausage Party managed all that on a reported budget of under $20 million. For comparison, Pixar’s latest release, Finding Dory, cost around $200 million to make.

But alas, that win may have come at an unfair cost to many of the people who worked on it. Anonymous commenters claiming to be animators who worked on the movie have accused the filmmakers and the production company, Nitrogen Studios, of forcing artists to work overtime for free, and then failing to credit many of them onscreen. Dig into the Sausage Party animators controversy below.  Read More »

Suicide Squad China Release Date

Even though Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ended up raking in over $872 million worldwide, Warner Bros. Pictures was still disappointed with the box office returns. This was a movie they were counting on sailing past $1 billion, and it didn’t even end up hitting the lower-end prediction of $900 million. That means all eyes are on Suicide Squad‘s box office performance this weekend, which is already outpacing Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool internationally, and could make as much as $145 million in its opening weekend. However, one territory likely won’t help Suicide Squad rake in the cash.

Over in China, the DC Comics cinematic universe action ensemble has not received an official release date, and it doesn’t sound like the film will ever end up hitting the big screen due to its dark subject matter. Find out more about the Suicide Squad China release date after the jump. Read More »

Here’s What Went Wrong With ‘Suicide Squad’


Suicide Squad was supposed to be the hero Warner Bros. needs right now. After the divisive reactions to Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, David Ayer’s supervillain team-up promised to bring fun back to the DC universe. But when the first wave of reviews hit yesterday, they weren’t pretty. (Mine was one of the few positive ones.) So what exactly went wrong? A new report offers a peek into the Suicide Squad problems behind the scenes.  Read More »

Lockout Escape from New York

When the sci-fi action flick Lockout arrived in theaters in 2012, many reviews pegged the film written by Luc Besson as a half-ass remake of John Carpenter‘s 1981 classic Escape from New York with the action transported to a space prison instead of a dark future. It appears critics weren’t the only ones annoyed with the similarities between the two films because director John Carpenter actually ended up suing writer Luc Besson because the script plagiarized the 1981 movie.

Previously, a court ruled that Luc Besson and his EuropaCorp production banner, along with the film’s directors/co-writers Stephen St. Leger and James Mather had to pay $95,000 (or 85,000 Euros) to John Carpenter, co-writer Nick Castle and StudioCanal. But Besson decided to appeal that ruling, and now the appeals court has finalized their ruling, and yet again, it’s not good news for The Fifth Element director. In fact, it’s worse than it was previously. Read More »

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Average US Movie Ticket Price

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