ready player one box office

Steven Spielberg is about to have his biggest box office opening in 10 years. Tracking for Ready Player One indicates it will be Spielberg’s best opening weekend since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullMore on the Ready Player One box office below.

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star trek beyond failed

Star Trek Beyond was by no means a box office disaster. It raked in $158 million domestically and went on to have a $343 million total haul worldwide. But compared to its predecessors Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek Beyond failed to boldly go toward sky-high box office expectations.

So what was the reason for Star Trek Beyond‘s box office disappointment? Star Simon Pegg has an explanation: the marketing.

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MoviePass Ticket Numbers

MoviePass is certainly shaking things up when it comes to the theatrical box office. It remains to be seen what the long term impact will be for theater chains and studios (or whether MoviePass can sustain itself), but for now, MoviePass is growing and showing no signs of slowing down. The service has passed 2 million subscribers, and they’re only going to get more with their recent price drop for an annual subscription.

With that large of a consumer base, MoviePass hasn’t been shy about touting their influence on the movie-going public. In fact, they’ve just provided some general numbers for which movies they’ve sold the most tickets for since their revamp last year. It should come as no surprise that Black Panther comes out on top with over 1 million tickets sold through MoviePass, but it appears the service has helped plenty of other movies sell tens of thousands of tickets. Read More »

Black Panther Box Office

Marvel’s Black Panther has become even more of a box office giant than any of the industry’s wildest predictions and expectations. The film has broken record after record since hitting theaters on February 16, and now it has a new crowning achievement.

Even though Black Panther won’t be at the top of the box office for six weekends in a row, the money raked in this weekend has sent the movie past $624 million on the domestic charts. That means Black Panther has officially surpassed The Avengers total gross of $623.4 million in 2012 and it’s now the highest grossing superhero movie ever in the United States. Read More »

rampage box office tracking

Blockbuster king Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson probably has another hit on his hands with the video game adaptation Rampage. Early Rampage tracking indicates the disaster film will take in a cool $35 million for its opening weekend. In other words, it’ll do better than Baywatch.

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justice league box office

No one could’ve predicted this, but Justice League has ended its theatrical run as the lowest-grossing DCEU film to date. Even Suicide Squad somehow made more money than DC’s huge superhero team-up film. So what happened with the Justice League box office?

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I can only imagine box office

I Can Only Imagine, a faith-based film from Roadside Attractions, is a surprise box office hit. The film ended up in third place over the weekend, just below reigning box office king Black Panther and new release Tomb Raider, and above Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time. How did this happen? I can only imagine.

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Black Panther box office domination

It took 10 years for Marvel Studios to give the king of Wakanda his own movie, but it looks like Kevin Feige and the power players at Marvel waited until the exact right moment to unleash the film upon the world. Black Panther has grossed almost $1.2 billion worldwide and more than $605 million domestically, and this past weekend, it became the first movie since James Cameron’s Avatar to top the box office for five weeks in a row. Read more about Marvel’s Black Panther box office domination below. Read More »

ready player one box office

Despite an over-abundance of marketing, Steven Spielberg‘s Ready Player One is tracking for a disappointing $35 million-plus debut weekend. Warner Bros. had been hoping for something in the $50 million range, but that’s growing increasingly unlikely. Perhaps if they added even more pop culture references that might help? More on the Ready Player One box office below.

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Black Panther highest grossing

Wakanda forever! Marvel Studios has been no stranger to huge blockbuster success stories since the company’s inception a decade ago, but their most recent cinematic effort, Black Panther, is kicking things to a whole new level. As of today, the film is now the ninth highest grossing movie of all time at the United States box office. And the most impressive part? It’s been in theaters for just 18 days.

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