A new website has popped online with a useful, but lofty, goal: catalog as many filming locations for as many movies as possible so fans have the information at their fingertips. It sounds impossible, and most likely is, but the Where Was It Filmed Database is making a run at it anyway.

It’s a user generated site, such as the IMDB or Wikipedia, so in addition to just browsing around, users can head over to www.wwifdb.com and add in filming locations either from their favorite movies, movies shot near your hometown or whatever you can contribute. That info then gets put in the general database and hopefully, over time, most of the movies people might search will have a helpful map of filming locations.

Things are kind of sparse over there right now, but the set up is really nice, it’s very user friendly and contributors are adding more and more locations every day. Head over there to check it out.


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I received an e-mail today from a /film reader telling me to check out the website Mouth-Taped-Shut.com. When you click the link you’ll be greeted by a Tumblr blog, which appears to be some fansite for David Fincher and/or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I almost closed my web browser window before realizing that some of the content on the tumblr included images and video taken on the set of the film. Not the kind of set videos and photos that we’re used to posting — these appear to have been taken on closed sets (see the video embedded above), in the editing room, and in the production office by an insider. It seems as if the tumblr has been online for a couple weeks now (since August 20th 2011).

This doesn’t appear to be something set up directly by Sony Pictures (although, you never know), but more likely someone inside Fincher’s production company. David Fincher has always been vocal in his hate for traditional film marketing like featurettes. Could he be directly involved in this? Check it out for yourself.

Website Spotlight: Is it Real 3D or Fake 3D?

Avatar made billions of dollars, and Hollywood has gone 3D crazy. Studio executives are rushing films shot with traditional film cameras into a post production conversion process which looks horrible. And the consumers have begun to notice the extreme difference between “real 3D” movies and “fake 3D” movies. But how does one figure out if the latest feature film release is real or post converted? Someone has created a website titled “Is it Real 3D or Fake 3D” which features a simple and handy list of 3D releases, categorized under “Real” and “Fake”. I wish they included more information about the releases, but I think the simple list is very useful at a quick glance.

Photoshoping Na’vi: Over 150 Avatar Mash-ups

A couple weeks back we posted Alexander Bickov’s Shrek and Avatar mash-up Shrevatar. One /Film reader made me aware of a Flickr account titled Avatizer which collects photo na’vi mash-ups. They have everyone, from Tiger Woods to Pee Wee-Herman, all transformed into Na’vi.

Website Spotlight: Movie Titles Stills Collection

Web designer Christian Annyas has created a website, Movie Titles Stills Collection, focusing on the art of movie titles in feature films.

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