Cloak and Dagger Call/Response review

This week’s episode of Cloak & Dagger, “Call/Response,” finally puts us in a room with Tandy and Tyrone talking to each other alone, and in a great surprise, we finally get a glimpse of Tyrone’s superhero costume. The backstory is as rich in New Orleans’ history as it is steeped in emotional anguish. Let’s run down the moments that made this episode yet another solid entry in this show’s run thus far. Read More »

On this week’s episode of Cloak & Dagger, “Stained Glass,” Tandy and Tyrone take a trip through each other’s minds. As we get closer to the two finally joining forces, we’re also introduced to another character – a voodoo priestess – and we get more of an inkling as to how connected Connors is.

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cloak and dagger review

The two-hour premiere of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger on Freeform, directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, is an extraordinary lesson in how to make a superhero show have substance beyond its source material. Instead of focusing solely on the strange and mysterious powers Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) have, there’s more focus put on who they are as people and how those powers are informed by their life experiences.

Even without the powers, Cloak & Dagger’s first episodes, “First Light” and “Suicide Sprints,” present a gripping, engaging young adult drama thanks to these three storytelling decisions.

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Lando is pansexual

In February, I analyzed Lando Calrissian’s place in the ‘70s blaxploitation movement in a piece called “Pimpin’ in Space: The Blaxploitation Roots of Lando Calrissian.” I posited that Lando’s characterizations, plus the popular film influences at the time of The Empire Strikes Back, puts Lando squarely within the stereotype of the black pimp, similar to characters like Sweet Sweetback and Super Fly. As I wrote back in that piece, one of Lando’s ties to blaxploitation comes from the fact that “Lando further defines the mainstream image of blackness as being one synonymous with coolness and slickness. But with that image comes negative associations of blackness; being shifty, dangerous, and untrustworthy.”

Naturally, with Lando making a grand return in Solo: A Star Wars Story, I felt it was time to revisit this topic and see how the new take on the character fares.

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krypton the phantom zone review

Holy finale, Batman! The Krypton season 1 finale, “The Phantom Zone,” has actually done what I’d hope it’d do – start an alternate reality for Krypton and even Superman himself. After a rough start, the bulk of this season, and its finale, can be truly labeled a success.

However, I have to say that with the way the series began, I still wish there was some time-management protocol in place so writers could realize that backloading the series isn’t the best way to start out. All of the cool reveals, from Zod to everything revealed at the end of this episode, could have made for a more engaging season if they were dispersed throughout instead of just dropped in the last few episodes. But better late than never, right?

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krypton hope review

We’re only one episode away from the end of the first season of Krypton, and it feels like this episode,”Hope”, regressed mightily in its attempt to progress the story. Things happened just because. You can clearly tell the writing team was ramping up all of their plotpoints faster than necessary just to get to the point where Brainiac finally shows his true form.

It’s annoying! Just last week, I wrote that the show was definitely getting more and more entertaining. I thought that perhaps the show had ironed out its time management issues. But alas, it has not. The same mismanagement of time that allowed the show to go through three to four episodes without moving the plot along has now forced the writers to speed things up because there are only 10 episodes comprising this season, and a lot has to get done in those 10 episodes. If only the prior episodes were paced better, we could have gotten to Brainiac much quicker, and the story would be in a much better place by now.

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krypton savage night review

This week’s Krypton episode, “Savage Night”, is proving that even though the show started rough, it’s determined go out on top. I can definitively say Krypton is miles better now than when it began. In this episode in particular, we got more of Adam being hated by everyone, a new forceful presence coming onto the scene, a cool team-up, retribution, and even a bit of salvation.

On the very sad side of the night, though, we had to sit through a really horrific moment featuring little Ona.

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Krypton Transformation Review

This week on “Is Krypton Getting Any Better?”, I can say that I’m slowly refining what I mean by my answer of “Yes.” Yes, it is indeed getting better, including this episode, “Transformation.” It’s getting better because the writers are catching on to how they can create some character arcs that work. But there’s still some messiness in how these characters are utilized; there’s still a rush in the writers’ room to get to plot points before they’ve had a chance to build. But if there’s one character they have working on all cylinders, it’s Brainiac. Not only is he pretty charismatic, but he’s also one heck of a PR whiz.

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krypton civil wars review

Whether it’s because of actual improvement or simply due to Stockholm Syndrome, Krypton is actually getting more and more entertaining as the weeks go by. This week’s episode, “Civil Wars,” delivered a plot development that has greatly increased my enjoyment of the show, a development I’d hoped would happen but believed it would never come to pass.

This week, Adam Strange became the villain.

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house of zod review

Here we are, week five into the recapping experiment that is “Is This Show Getting Better: Krypton Edition.” Last week, I noted that Syfy’s Superman prequel series was starting to get better, but the story was still being annoyingly shrouded in mystery. This week, in “House of Zod,” we’ve finally broken through the mystery!

It turns out, Black Zero are…from the future. Well, at least the leader is. We also get some much-needed backstory on Jayna and why she’s so soulless.

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