4. Who Thought Flynn Might Actually Get To Be A Badass For A Second?: The looks on RJ Mitte and Anna Gunn‘s faces as Walt spun his preposterous gasoline pump malfunction lie?  Priceless.  I keep hoping Walt Jr. will call his dad out on all his lies and we were almost there last night. So close to being a badass, Flynn.  Maybe next time.

5. Dark Marie, On The Other Hand…: Man, Betsy Brandt continues to kill it. This is the most I’ve ever loved Marie.  Not just because she’s the only person to show Jesse kindness (even if it’s kindness as a means to an end), but because Dark Marie spent six hours online looking up untraceable poisons.  Saxitoxin indeed.  She and Hank are still wearing black/navy this episode (though you can see her purple shining through).  I’m delighted we finally got to meet Therapist Dave.  That man earns every penny, does he not?


6.  Saul’s Nonsense Is Wearing Thin:  Between Saul’s Old Yeller ramble and Kuby’s Babylon 5 reference, I wasn’t really digging this scene.  Saul’s nonsense is wearing thin with Walt and, for the first time, with me.  This isn’t really a condemnation of Bob Odenkirk.  He is always a rockstar.  I just felt the writing was off in this interchange.  What I did appreciate, however, is how good Kuby is at his job. I mean, those are all the places would look for Jesse.


7. Am I The Only One Who Was Over-Analyzing The Schrader Bookshelf?:  I’m sure I wasn’t.  Someone at Vulture or Buzzfeed is probably busy compiling an exhaustive list at this very moment. Two things worth noting. 1) the Schrader’s own a Deadwood box set.  Shout out to Anna Gunn?  2) That’s Ronald Reagan’s bio that Jesse is eyeballing.  You know, Reagan, the leader of the war on drugs.  Makes sense that ASAC Schrader would own that.


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