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9. Or For A More Sinister Interpretation: We talked a good bit about mirroring last week and it came into play again this episode with the Hank punch/Marie slap, the original cook site/money burial site and here with the very clear mirroring between Skyler and Walter.  We already took note last week that Skyler and Walt have started dressing alike in beiges, whites and taupes.  If you look at this scene before Walt strips down to his now-legendary undies, the similarities are striking.  Right down to the shoes.  Couple that with the literal mirroring here and…


…the dialogue parallels here and I don’t think we would be out of line to expect Skyler to behave more and more like Walt in future episodes.  I’ve heard some Skyler non-supporters accuse her of being power hungry, and I’ve never really agreed with that assessment.  But I believe that when she feels her family is being threatened (see Marie’s sticky fingers), she will close ranks.  So if, in the coming weeks, we see some Heisenbergish behavior from the lady of the house, I wouldn’t be surprised.


10. Leave It To Lydia To Bring Louboutins To A Gun Fight:  One of my greatest delights in this whole segment was watching Lydia totter around the desert on those preposterous, iconic red soles.


At any rate, Todd, his Uncle Jack and their jackbooted band of misfits are back to take control of the meth production.  If this means more Jesse Plemons and Kevin Rankin, I’m all for it. And isn’t Todd just the courtliest, most solicitous criminal you ever did meet?  The memory of Landry Clarke is alive and well in our hearts.


Crackpot Theory Of The Week:  Alright all you numerology theorists, what do you suppose the “B 024” designation on Jesse Pinkman’s interrogation room means?  I have to admit, I’m drawing a blank and it might just be that in this one instance, a number is just a number.  There is the famous WW-II B-24 Bomber also called “The Great Liberator” and if we wanted to stretch ourselves to the breaking point, we could theorize that Jesse is about to…drop a bomb on Walt?  Yeah I don’t like it either.  Do me one better, won’t you.  It’s worth noting, however, that the Catholic “confessional” imagery is in full effect here between Hank and Jesse.  Next week should be good.


Money Shot Of The Week:  I mean, in the most literal sense, I’d have to pick ol’ Huell.


But then I’d be neglecting whatever this was at the DEA offices.  Whatever it was, I think we can all agree it was amazing.


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